Translucent. Unclear beauty at home.

Right in my kitchen, I found something for the translucent photo challenge. My mother’s glasses, one of my favorite keepsakes from her. I love those glasses with their iridescent glow. In addition to those, I photographed a large beer stein and some perfume bottles.

I used my Nikon D300s. I set it on some slow speeds, set the glasses on the stove, and propped the camera on the counter. (I was not in the mood to break out the tripod.) After taking a number of shots, I had fun playing with various edits in Photoshop. Some of the photos were edited with HD toning, a crystalize filter, or just some simple sharpening/contrasting. It has been a while since I played with some of the editing filters so it was fun to see what they would do. What great practice.

Here are some of the ones that were interesting to me.


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