Descent. Falling Light Creates Mood & Magic

The word descent initially gives me negative thoughts. I think of downward spirals into sinister places or the decline of moral behavior. Therefore, when I saw that this week’s photography challenge was descent, it took me some time to react.

A few weekends ago, my son and I went to Banning Mills to go zip lining with his Boy Scout troop. After attempting to complete the level one course, which was a bit of a challenge to me, I decided to stop and take photographs of the boys on the other levels. (Apparently the process of stopping is somewhat scary to me as my prior zip line attempt caused me to hurt my shoulder some. This fear made me very hesitate to slow down and I was basically relying on the poor college-kid guides to stop me at the end point.)

So while my son and the other scouts moved through the other three levels of zip lining, I wandered around taking photographs near the locations where each level ended. The pictures here are of the trail below the rental cabins. As I was walking along, I immediately noticed how the light was falling through the trees. Its descent from above cast a wonderful light that was magical to me. I could almost this scene in a movie complete with fairies and other tiny world inhabitants. Perhaps they were there and I just could not see them. Maybe I need to invest in a macro for that?

Anyway, these were shot with my Nikon and edited in Photoshop. The one vertical, multicolor leaf shot was edited with a layer of barely there white shading to add mist-like quality. The others were just given some basic saturation and contrast tweaks.

You can find other “descent” posts to the Weekly Photography Challenge by clicking on the graphic below.



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