Brightly Lit. Adding Grace to Love.

Lighting can make or break a photo. I am particularly fond of natural light, but a well-placed light can be just as effective. While shooting weddings for, I found that weddings and certain lighting just fit together. It is like a recipe for romance and awe in your photos.

In the photographs below (all taken by me while at Flip Flop Foto), you can see three certain types of lighting: window or door light that showcases the bride/couple, sunlight beaming on the bride, and a light beam that creates a focal point. They are all fairly easy to achieve as well. And, if you have a particularly fun couple that is relaxed, you can use that same setting for a number of pictures. Maximizing the amount of different looks in small area is critical, at least in my wedding photography experience. The more distinct pictures you can take and the less you drag the couple around – the better. The key in any event photography is for people to love the photography without remembering the process of taking them. So, be fast, be fun and be nearly invisible to the event itself.

I think one of the biggest compliments I would get is, “I don’t even remember you taking that,” or “How did you get all these different looks?”

When I was first learning photography, I avoided my flash because I didn’t know how to manipulate it completely. I have learned a little bit more now, but still avoid it just because I love the way natural light is more honest with the mood of the story unfolding. (And, I am still not a technical expert frankly.)

So when I saw the Photo Friday theme this week was Brightly Lit, I immediately thought of some of these photographs from my Flip Flop Foto days. I only wish I had all the photos I took while I was there! It was thousands upon thousands of photos and invaluable training. But alas, time moves on, deployments call, and jobs change. But, my time there at Flip Flop was my ‘brightly lit’ portion of my photography career.

To participate in Photo Friday Challenges, just click on the hyper link. Happy shooting!



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