Curiosity. It’s not Just for the Cat.

In my travels through life, it appears that curiosity is something nearly all creatures have. People and animals alike seem to have a natural wonder and inquisitiveness.

Whether the motive is being nosy, assessing potential danger/possible food source, or just plain old interest to learn, curiosity draws us in. We want to know what is there, what is happening and how things work to an extent.

That explains the popularity of photography I think. Photographs can show us emotion, scenes and stories. They display what it looks like if we were to visit an exotic location, attend an event, or what it would look like if we were a bug on a flower.

The pictures below span a number of years and locations-11 years, three countries (outside of the United States) and three U.S. states to be exact.

The frogs were both from Hawaii in 2001. I lived in Honolulu then, and worked as a civilian for Maui Divers Jewelry. A few times, I had to travel to Maui to train salespeople. (I know, sounds arduous, doesn’t it?) So, in a few of my Maui wanderings, these frogs just came out and surprisingly just sat there staring at me while I photographed them. Perhaps they were afraid to move? Wanted to be remembered forever?

The inquisitive older children and the pig are from my first deployment to Bosnia in 2002. The two boys (looking at the helicopter and talking to the pilot) were from a neighboring village school that came to Tuzla Base to visit with an aviation unit: checking out the helicopters and talking to the pilots. Watching their excited faces was so heartwarming. The little girl in red was from the village where we were doing a medical mission. Simply put, the Soldiers set up a clinic in the village for the day. Villagers were given medical and dental care from doctors and the local animals were checked out by military veterinarians. Meanwhile, other soldiers walked around outside to pull security and just mingle with the townspeople. The little girl in red was quite interested in checking out the soldiers and was SOOOO adorable. I can’t say what was cuter: the smile on the soldiers’ faces or the wonder in her eyes. The nosy pig was from a foot patrol mission with an infantry and explosive team who was trying to collect unwanted weapons from village houses. Basically, we were walking door to door in the village, and while passing a fence, the pig ran over to check us out. Of course, I had to snap a few pictures of him!

The white goose was in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005. I was visiting Camp Victory on a mission. As I approached the palace guard shack, this AFLAC look-a-like duck/goose came running up to me. He was either quite hungry, very curious, or doing a great job on watch. According to the soldiers pulling security, the goose was there every day. They called him the guard goose.

The baby peeking over the table was from a wedding in Alabama in 2007. She was so adorable. One of the things I had to watch, was to not take too many pictures of the adorable kids at weddings. With some many cute kids, beautiful flowers, and hilarious family members, sometimes it was hard to resist though. However, moderation and variety are critical in wedding photography. (When people are paying for a certain amount of photographs, you need make sure they are not too many of the sweet flower girl.) Get a little bit of everything going on: decorations, people there, emotions to key events and then of course, a large variety of the bride and groom themselves.

The smiling dog was a military working dog deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan in 2011. He was out participating in a 9/11 Remembrance Run on base with his soldier. While I was a walking around documenting the event, he walked over to me and pretty much put his nose in my camera when I crouched down. What a ham! (No worries, he was on break then.)

The cat checking out the view from the deck is my cat Simba. I took this in 2012. He so loves the deck, and I can’t lie, I do as well. Sometimes, we will both just sit out there and watch birds and butterflies. Then he runs off to do whatever it is he does and I read. We are a good team.

So there you have it, curiosity in all shapes, sizes and forms that covered the globe and a decade plus. Who knows what else I will find as I dig through all these old files. Now, I am getting curious to find more!

This is my submission for the Curiosity Photography Challenge @nwpianthology.


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