Street. Where it Happens.

This past Sunday, I photographed a community event: The Banquet on the Bridge. It’s a community wide free potluck that’s held the first Sunday in November each year. All it requires is a smile, helping hand, and maybe a donated dish of food.

A coworker of mine asked me to document the event for a group she’s involved in. I am so glad I did for a few reasons. One, I told myself I needed to get out and involved in the community more. You know, get to know people, learn the city, and offer a hand when possible. Two, I am always eager to have a camera in my hand, and it just feels less invasive to photograph strangers at an event. (Rather than being the weird girl who goes around photographing complete strangers for no apparent reason.) Three, one of the main goals for starting my blog was to reengage my photography skills. Now that it is not my “day job,” I miss it terribly. I’ve never been very technical. I just know what I like when I am looking through my lens.

So I figure, the more I get out there and shoot, the better I will get. And, if I am helping my community in the process…that is a win, win!

While walking around the bridge, I was intrigued by the people. There were so many characters and stories. I kind of wish I had more time to interview people so that I could do feature articles on them. (Articles with strong photographs were what I did on deployments.) Maybe as I get more involved at these event, that will come in time. However, for now, I hope you enjoy these shots from the banquet, which ironically, was perfectly timed for the Photography 101 theme today: Street.

If you want to see the other 100+ photos, they can be found in a public album on my Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Street. Where it Happens.

    1. Thank you! It was a fun event. I loved capturing the moods and personalities of the people there. Had it not been an event though, I would have been a lot less comfortable walking up and photographing strangers though.

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