Bliss. It’s Different for Everyone.

The Photography 101 theme today is bliss. Bliss is defined as supreme happiness, heaven or paradise. With so many different types of people in the world, I imagine that bliss is different for everyone. That is what makes the world so great though. If we all liked the same things, there would be no variety.

I enjoy a lot of diversity in life, but I find my soul-healing bliss at the horse barn, where it’s dirty and kind of smelly at times. Yet, those issues don’t really register with me for some reason. I suppose I overlook them because of the joy I feel at each visit.

When I am there, it is just me and my horse. The problems melt away and all I see are her funny antics and trail ride views. It is also a time where I find myself very calm. I can stop the racing thoughts in my head and just embrace the moment I am in. I really SEE what is around me: budding flowers, roaming deer, and descending light on the pond. Those are the moments when my mind is clear and I thank God for all that I have.

All the photographs below were taken with my iPhone as I don’t generally carry my larger cameras there as the visit is more about my horse than the photography. I process them with iPhoto or Photoshop depending on my mood. They were all taken within the last two months and a few were just on Sunday. So this theme was a perfect place to share them!

Where do you find your bliss? Post your bliss links in the comment box below, or check out the Photography 101-Bliss page. Hey, and this week’s Photo Friday theme is Bliss as well. I call that karma!


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