Week Two. One Four Challenge of Editing. (November)

Editing a picture can completely change its look and mood. So Captivate Me’s blog, has a One Four Challenge to show that. Basically, take one photo and edited it four different ways over the month. This is week 2 for me.

Here is my original untouched photo of some leaves in my yard.


Here is my Week 2 edit.

IMG_1649edit 2

For this edit, I added a layer of white to make it more dream like, or like there is more depth of field I suppose. Then I added HDR toning and played with the selective color until I liked the look. After that, I bumped up the contrast some.

If you want to see Week 1, click here. Which do you prefer so far?



17 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge of Editing. (November)

  1. I love leaves! Your first images is so soft and realistic and the second looks like it could be on the cover of a book. The detail of the decaying leaf is beautiful and I love the misty tone to the background too. Leaves are addicting!


  2. Hi Michelle, so glad to have you joining with us in this challenge 😊
    Thanks for linking up!!
    I really like your 2 edits so far… The first so rich and colourful, and this second, edit lovely and soft. I really like the softness, but also love colour, so dont think I could choose.

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    1. Thanks Robyn! I think I might be addicted to photographing leaves. I just took a bunch more today, lol. So I can’t choose yet either. Thank YOU for having the challenge. It is great practice with editing!


      1. Leaves are pretty wonderful subjects 😊 ..especially the gorgeous Autumn leaves.
        Seedheads are currently my focus around here. We’re heading into summer.
        Its truly a pleasure hosting – it is great to experiment and try different things…and meet others along the way.

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