Landmark. History, stone and art.

As I get older, I realize I am drawn to cemeteries. Not in a creepy way, but for the art of stone. Particularly older ones that is. So when I saw the Photo 101 theme was a landmark, I drove down to the Linwood Cemetery. I can’t say I have read all the history on it yet, so I can’t tell you the specific history of the stones here.

But, as I was walking around, I came upon a large crypt. It had the name Hardaway on it, which I know is a local school. So, I figured this family must be pretty important around the town. Therefore, I made their section my “landmark” piece. The first three shots are my different perspectives of the family section of the cemetery.

After getting those shots, I started getting more “details” for fun. I love the artistry of old stones. And often wonder about their stories. I may have to look this all up now to find out what is behind this particular cemetery and this family’s history. Hope you enjoy the photos!


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