Sapphire. One Word Photo Challenge

Sapphire is a color of rich elegance. To me, it is bold and dreamy, so I tried to show that in my photos for Jennifer Nicole Wells’ Sapphire Challenge.

For the photos, all I did was use the props (a sapphire ring of mine that my daughter lets me borrow from time to time, a lapis necklace I got while deployed to Afghanistan, and a basic water bottle), a flash light and some simple back drops (a laptop, a wine glass and a stovetop). I even broke out my tripod, but was challenged at getting the angles I wanted when using it. It was all good practice nonetheless and I tried a number of techniques. So thanks for hosting the challenge Jennifer!

If you haven’t seen her page, you should check it out. It has some amazing photography on it, and she seems pretty darn cool too.



3 thoughts on “Sapphire. One Word Photo Challenge

    1. Yep, just a regular old bottle (that was blue). I put the bottle on the stove top and put a flash light in different places to get the color to shine. Thank you for your kind words! I hope the pony is enjoying the sapphire forest still.

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