Iron and Stone. Memorial Art and History.

For such hard elements, I find it impressive that man can form stone and iron in so many ways. It seems that older memorial stones and gates are more detailed than modern ones. It’s as if the stones themselves are telling a story of the deceased, while the iron gates protect those stories. The lines and angles of these structures compel me to learn more. They urge me to get closer and see more details. (Otherwise, I would not find walking around a cemetery in the slightest category of entertainment.)

The large photo with the muted color is for Week 37 of the Monochrome Madness Challenge, which is hosted by Leanne Cole’s amazing photography page.

The whole collection though is my submission for Cee’s Black and White Photography Challenge, which had the theme of lines and angles this week.

Both Leanne and Cee’s challenges are keeping me busy shooting a wide range of subjects. If you haven’t seen their pages, you should really check them out and join in on the fun. Besides great photography, they both have great information on their pages as well.

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