Week Three. One Four Photo Challenge. (November)

Editing a picture can completely change its look and mood. So Captivate Me’s blog, has a One Four Challenge to show that. Basically, take one photo and edited it four different ways over the month. This is week 3 for me.

For this week, I desaturated all the colors except the reds and blacks. But, even those, I distorted more to come up with this creepy look. I think I could see this in a movie where all the planet was half dead and the home of monsters. My monster choice would be like Monsters Inc. though. You know, fun and loving monsters. Who needs evil ones when there is enough ugly people in the world already. Anyway, I digress. Here is my edit for the week.

IMG_1649edit 3

Week 3 Edit (November)

After looking at it though, I started to wonder what my dark creepy edit would look like if it wasn’t so dramatic….so here it the less dramatic version of edit 3.

IMG_1649edit 3a

Week 3 Edit ~ Less Dramatic (November)




17 thoughts on “Week Three. One Four Photo Challenge. (November)

  1. I like the first version of this Week 3 response, but the dark leaf BEHIND the primary one does look a bit weird with what you did to the blacks. Very much a feeling of cold decay and graveyards!

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      1. Yes I often forget to look at the stuff in the background when I am shooting and then get annoyed with myself when I see messy stuff I should have avoided 😊

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  2. I love it! and I’m smiling that you did 2 version 3 edits.. he he
    Funny, I didn’t read a ‘dark / evil’ feel at all for the first one – yes for sure, a deep cold wintery feel without any warmth.
    Both do have a very ‘steely still’ feel to my eye.
    The second 3rd is my favourite so far!! Great renditions this week Michelle 🙂

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