Achievement. It was Late at Night and Dark.

Last night I succeeded in working on a bucket list item ~ learning more technical aspects of photography. I attended a digital photograph workshop on capturing night images. Our subject was the Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens. I can’t say that I have had much opportunity to use my tripod much when shooting portraits, military missions, weddings or random events. A majority of my photography experience has been on-the-run and learn-as-you go. There has been no time for slow, thought-out shots. So it was nice to sit back, and learn some low-light, ridiculously slow shutter speed techniques, not to mention have the entire trail of lights open for just out class!  Anyway, I have to go through my photos still, but work calls. So, here is one shot for now that wraps up my Weekly Photograph Challenge on Achievement. More photos on the rest to follow!

Candy Cane alley



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