Moment. It’s Rare and Sweet.

Back in 2009, I witnessed what can only be described as a mother’s moment of bliss. A miracle in the land of teenagers, and I caught it on camera.

My son was selected to have his art displayed in Atlanta, so of course we had to go and be there for this honor of his. His sister and I went up with him and enjoyed the art show and a special tour of the capitol. The three of us walked around and laughed. My son got to speak with some political leaders as they came to view the art of the different schools. It was truly a great night (that came with a ton of goofy photos)!


But the big moment for me was when we were leaving. As we walked to the car, my kids were having a sweet moment. My 11-year-old son and my 15-year-old daughter were walking along side of each other and chatting about the day. My daughter was saying how proud she was of her little “bruder” and in that moment, he ever so quickly leaned his head onto her shoulder. Fortunately, I had my camera out, forever freezing this special moment of love and support. It brings tears to my eyes a little even today.

And in case anyone is interested, this was his art that was selected to hang in the capital. Today, it hangs in my house in a frame. I should probably add this photo to the frame as well now that I think about it.

nicks art

This timeless personal treasure was perfect for today’s Photography 101 theme of Moment.


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