Swarm. It is time to hide.

The photography 101 theme today is swarm. Well, I am drowning in a swarm of work, but I didn’t think that photo would be particularly appealing. So, before work, I took a quick look at whatever photographs I had on my laptop and found this one that fit. It is a group Portuguese soldiers, in full riot gear, waiting to climb into some American Blackhawks and German CH-53s. I was deployed to Bosnia in 2002 and this photograph was from a multinational exercise that I was covering. Actually, that event was my very first post on this blog (which is why this 2002 photo just happened to be on my laptop today)!

Anyway, I was just learning photography back then (maybe that will explain the super bright greens as I don’t recall it being that neon looking in real life) and this is a copy of the picture from a PDF (so not the best quality). I remember that day vividly though. There were helicopters flying, troops running, and tanks rolling. It was quite an event to say the least. On that mission, I got to ride in a Danish tank, bake bread on an open fire, and take a ton of photographs. What more could a girl ask for while at war?



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