Landscape. The Sights Right Before You.

As I was jogging along the 13.1 mile path of my fourth half marathon, I found a few stunning sights. Of course, I had to stop and take pictures. Yes, this may mean I have an addiction to taking photographs, but it also means that I was not simply a contender in the race. No, I was not in it to win it. This half marathon was more about spending time with a friend, getting some exercise and enjoying the sights all around us. We actually took pictures throughout the entire route, having the best time while walking and jogging. How great is a friend who will walk 13 miles with you just for fun? Irreplaceable I say.

Anyway, for these landscapes (which I took with my iPhone since I am not that hard core to carry a huge camera for 13.1 miles), I decided to go dramatic. I applied some HDR toning and then played with the saturation. Here are my results:

Check out Photography 101’s landscape page to inspire you or give you extra tips!


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