Metal. Creations at all Angles.

I am intrigued by the forms and uses of metal. It can be anything between art and  practical. Yet, in each form, there is a creative person behind it. Someone things of the idea and the same person, or others, put the idea into reality.

These two pictures show the differences in the use of metal. (I am not a metal expert so if one happens to be alloy, aluminium or some other form of metal-like subject, I apologize as I am clueless on that level of detail. To me, these are both some type of metal.) The art in the park is full of creativity with its angles. The water tower, is a form of industrial art to me. It serves a purpose and demands attention. And from this view point, dominates the scene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since these are so closely related in topic, I thought I would post them for two challenges: Photo Friday’s ~ Metal and Word Press’s Weekly Challenge ~ Angular. Do you think they fit both challenges?


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