Week One. One Four Photo Challenge. (December)

It is time for round two of Captivate Me’s One Four Challenge on editing, the December edition.

For this month’s challenge, I chose a fall photo from a bridge that I took while in a half marathon in November. (Clearly, I was not running for time since I was taking pictures during it, lol.) I posted it earlier or a landscape theme, but now, I can take some time to edit it a few different ways.

Here is the untouched original.

December ~ Original

December ~ Original

For the first edit, I did the following:

  • Applied the HDR effect to the photo.
  • Turned the details on the HDR effect very low.
  • Made another more saturated layer of the sky so that it was more blue.
  • Erased everything but the sky in the super saturated layer, and placed that layer on the top. (This allowed me to have a deep blue sky, but no super overbearing/unnatural saturation in the rest of the photo.
  • Tweaked the brightness and contrast a little.
Bridge Edit 1

December ~ Edit 1



5 thoughts on “Week One. One Four Photo Challenge. (December)

  1. Welcome to round 2 Michelle 🙂
    Ah… what a beautiful place!! I like the way your edits add more life to the image and the place.
    Lovely golden autumn leaves and nature’s gorgeous complimentary colours!

    Liked by 1 person

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