Abandoned. Left Alone and Unwanted.

I finally got a chance to get out and photograph some abandoned buildings. As strange as it may sound, I have wanted to photograph a few of these buildings for a while now. So, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge of Abandoned Buildings was exciting. It was like I was given permission to finally dedicate some time to going.

Unfortunately, I was a little nervous doing it. I went to three locations. (Only two are shown here though as I will show the last another time.)

The first place was great, in the abandoned building sort of glory that is. It was in shambles and even came with its own barn! However, when I pulled up the creepy drive way, the dilapidated house and barn were not alone. There was an RV and a truck tucked behind the mess. Therefore, I just did the ooopps-I-am-here-by-mistake turn around and shot two camera phone pictures on my way out. I was kind of bummed out since it looked like such a rich subject to shoot. But, I thought it might be a bit rude to roam around the rubble that was apparently not completely abandoned. Here are my two secret sneak photos from the car though, after some editing fun.

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After that, I went to my other abandoned house on my list. I was told this house is an old slave house. It is across the street from a pretty large old farm house and barn (which is the one I will post later), and has three other identical houses to match it. So, perhaps there is some truth to it. I can’t say that I have heard anything on that story from a newsworthy source though. Therefore, whether it is urban legend or truth I cannot confirm or deny.

Either way, it was kind of creepy I have to say. I was walking around the structure through all the thick leaves. It was a cold and bleak kind of day to top it off. Fortunately, it was not too far off the road or I may have been more than just a little nervous. I was hoping there were not any creatures or squatters to surprise. I was also wondering if anyone passing by would care about me ignoring the “no trespassing” signs. Not sure what they were protecting though as the place appeared to be barely standing and contained no historical markers. (But, who really wants strangers roaming on their land?)

While I wandered around the building, I swear I heard a sudden odd noise behind me, which startled me and sent a shiver down my spine. I quickly moved to the front of the building closer to the road, took a few more shots and then promptly left.

Was the noise my nerves overreacting or some slave spirits from the past? I am going to hope it was my imagination…or an animal:) Either way, a photography bucket list item was checked. No need to return. Ever.

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7 thoughts on “Abandoned. Left Alone and Unwanted.

  1. Great shots, I love abandoned. But rarely shoot any as I don’t often find any. Also, I would really want to have someone with me these days, didn’t always used to, but I’m not as fit as I used to be!


        1. I will have to look Sue. Keeping all my photos organized has been one of my biggest challenges (other than try to post on a schedule)! I take so many photos, it may be hard to find them in a few years.

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