Week Two. One Four Photo Challenge (December)

It is time for round two, week two, of Captivate Me’s One Four Challenge on editing, the December edition. If you haven’t seen the challenge, or Robyn’s elegant page, you are missing out. Go now! (Ok, after you read my ever-so inspiring words, lol.)

For the second week, I decided to do the following:

  • Took the original photo and desaturated it around 50 percent.
December ~ Original

The Original

  • Bumped up the contrast over 60 percent.
  • Cropped the photo to be more panoramic looking.

And that was it. Short, sweet and simple this week.

Edit 2 week

What do you think?

The Original


19 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Photo Challenge (December)

  1. nice job, the changes certainly make the strong bones of the bridge the real focus of this image, isn’t it nifty what difference a few small tweaks can make 🙂

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    1. It is funny how such a simple change can make a big effect. Especially when you consider that only trees and water were removed. I suppose it brought more focus to the bridge itself though.


  2. Definitely enjoyed reading your inspiring words Michelle 😃😜
    This just works so well – I really love what you have done this week!!
    Love the desaturation, added contrast and the crop. It does give it an old feel. Wonderful 😃

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  3. I like it. The crop works much better with the bridge. And the textures in the bridge seem more real. You feel like you can touch it. Sometimes you don’t need to do too much to an image at all!


    1. Sorry for the delay in response. I just found your comment in my spam. Apparently, I need to look in there more often . I agree, sometimes I think things are better left simple. There are times when I get too editing happy and go overboard a bit.


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