Profile. A Photo a Week Challenge.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about wedding photography, was capturing emotions. I kind of felt like a spy at times though. I would walk around receptions with my camera just looking at people’s smiles and expressions. I would look for grandma laughing or mom tearing up. When I found them, I would snap away, generally undetected.

Those little moments are what help tell the story of the day. They are the things that brides and grooms most likely don’t see, but still want to. I took my role seriously. Yes, my main subject was the bride and groom, but they also hired me to capture the entire day. To me, that includes documenting all the feelings of the key players throughout the special day.

This photo is from my days at Flip Flop Foto. They are the parents of either the bride or groom. I don’t recall anymore. While scanning the reception, I was stopped by their expressions. It was so pure. So happy…and just so adorable.


For Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Profile.


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