Twinkle. Sparkling at Night.

In late November, I attended a class on night photography. So far in my experiences, there have not been many opportunities to shoot with a tripod. Everything is just go, go, go in wedding, event and Army photography. Therefore, the slow shutter speeds that accompany tripod use were a bit foreign to me.

It was nice to slow down and play with a few buttons on my camera that I frankly had never touched before. The bonus factor was that the Fantasy in Lights display was closed to just our class. So there were no crowds to fight and we set up our cameras right in the middle of the road to get the “money shots” that our instructor pointed out. Below are my first tripod attempts, well, the better ones of the night anyway. There may be a few that will never leave my computer as they cover an array of learn -as-you-go mistakes. But then again, maybe I will play with them and do wacky things to them, making them some odd abstract design. Either way, I hope you enjoy my first tripod/night photography class results.

Merry Christmas!



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