2014 Wrap-Up. Here Comes 2015!

With the new year approaching, I thought I would list some past posts. I just started blogging in the fall of this year, and so far, it has been a blast. I have edited tons of photos, told a few stories and met a pretty awesome circle of people. My only regret is that I did not start blogging sooner!

Instead of just listing the top 10 posts, I want to list the top collections for the different categories of photography I have displayed. That way, if you are a new follower, you can see more of a range.

The top overall post of the year was a collection of odd ball photos ironically. I was covering a community event where local artists display their creations in hopes of people buying them. It was also my first submission to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

Creations. Local Wonders on the Street.

NOV art walk - 059 copy

The most viewed baby photo post is also one of my most favorite studio sessions. This baby was so much fun to photograph. I wish all baby portrait sittings were this effortless. I only wish I would have kept all the photos from my studio days. This collection included a submission for both the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Minimalist and Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.

Expressions. The Baby Had Them All.


The top food post was another submission to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge. It was the tastiest sitting that is for sure! Because once I was done photographing the wonderful creations, I ate some of the subjects. 🙂

Sweet Treasure. Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge~Week 41.


The top photo editing challenge was for Robyn’s One Four Challenge, which is hosted on her Captivate Me blog. This challenge has been not only fun but informative as I learn from other blogger’s editing steps, or their comments on mine.

Week Two. One Four Challenge (December)

Edit 2 week (large)

The top nature post was a collection of trees, leaves, and roots. It was also a submission for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Bark & Leaves. Stunning in Every Form.


The top product-looking post was for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge. It involved me photographing some glasses and perfume bottles on my stove. I have to admit it was fun and encouraged to me to do more. Now, if I could just get some glass or perfume manufacturer to call me…

Translucent. Unclear Beauty at Home.


The top park shoot was for the Friday Photo Challenge and included some iPhone pictures I took on my break at work oddly enough. The challenge was to photograph a park and since I was running out of time, I figured…why don’t I just photograph what is right here in front of me instead of trying to find some place after work. It turned out pretty good for iPhone pictures.

Airborne. Remembering Those Who Serve.


The top military post was for Leanne Coles’ Monochrome Madness Challenge. This was an older photo I had taken at a military ball and explained the symbolism behind the POW/MIA table.

Remembrance. A Military Tradition Honoring our Comrades.

Ball-068small edit

The top wedding post was a montage of brides and mostly from my Flip Flop Foto Studio days. Gosh, I miss that work!

Brightly Lit. Adding Grace to Love.


The top travel post (and officially my only travel post so far…unless you count deploying as travel) was from my trip to Cancun. Just me and my best friend from high school soaking up the sun. Aaaaahhh. I could so go back there. It was also my submission for Where’s My Back Pack’s challenge of Colourful travel.

Cancun. Colorful Travel Memories.


For 2015, I want to try and pace myself a bit more by doing a schedule of sorts.

I have noticed these past few months have been erratic with me posting several things and sometimes more than once a day. This photo blog has also become a convenient way for me to avoid my writing blog, which was my original blog. (It is just so much easier to get absorbed in taking and editing photos than to put words on paper sometimes. I think that is because the words involve more thoughts and feelings.) So, in efforts to balance blogging (both of my sites) with work and downtime, here is the schedule I am going to try.


One Four Challenge Submission.


A post with pictures from my past or some current inspiration.


A B&W post for Leanne Coles’ Monochrome Madness Challenge.


A photoku for Ronovan Writes’ photo haiku challenge.


An After-Before Challenge Submission for Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing.


Open Challenge Day or Shooting Day


Open Challenge Day or Shooting Day

I decided to leave a few open challenge days so that I can still pick and choose different challenges to play in (or just get outside with my camera). There are several that I have truly enjoyed so it will be hard to reign myself in, but I need to make sure I am not blogging for hours each and every night. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but I do need to accomplish a few other things in life here and there. Like cooking meals, working out, reading, and sometimes just doing absolutely nothing.

Well, I hope your New Year’s is safe and fun. May 2015 bring you all that you wish for!

Happy New Year people! Thanks for following my page:)

With love,



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