Industrial. Historical Elements Creating a Future.

A few weekends ago, I took some photos of industrial gears not knowing what I would really do with them. Now, I realize they are perfect for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ~ Industrial.

The old gears are on display in a parking lot near the old iron works factory. They date back to the 1800s. The building still stands, but no long creates iron. Now, it is a convention center. They have kept the main design of the building, which gives it character. And, around town and outside of the building are these little wonders from the factory days. I love the fact that the town has kept some of these and placed them around. It is a nice reminder of how Columbus, Georgia came to be.

The iron works building was not the only industry in the 1800s though. There were a number of other businesses along the river. From what I have read there were textile and tire factories as well.


Many of the old buildings remain and are being, or have been, converted into restaurants, office, apartments and stores. In my opinion, the conversion is a nice way to use the old buildings and leaves the view with impact. Sometimes, building everything new is not always better…and doesn’t have the significance of the old.

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