Week Two. One Four Challenge. (January)

It is time for week two of the One Four Challenge, which is hosted on Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me. “This challenge is about processing one image in four different ways over four weeks.  We will all  process/post edit (our own chosen image) and share a different version each week.”

For this month, I decided to go with a photo I shot in October 2010 while deployed to Afghanistan. I was on a mission with some Special Forces troops. My job was to document the trip, which you can read more about here. This photo was taken while walking to our destination, the building you can see in the distance of the original below.

mosque in distance

For week two, I decided to go with some of the comments from week one and do a tighter crop.
To get the look below, here are the steps I took in Photoshop CS5:
  • Cropped the original photo.
  • Brightened and saturated the levels.
  • Added some clouds to the sky with the render clouds effect.
  • Turned the cloud layer down to 20 percent.

Since the building was so far in the distance, the quality of the closer crop is very lacking.  It does give you a better idea of the structure though.

week 2

To check out other submissions for the One Four Challenge, just click on badge below or search the tag “One Four Challenge” in the reader.onefourchallenge


11 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge. (January)

  1. The crop as you said has given some more detail of the building but it is lacking and I agree. The crop is more that 100% and unless you had everything tack sharp it possibly would still be weak at 100%. It was nice to see the building closer but I prefer last weeks edit.

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  2. Hi Michelle – that mosque seems so incongruous in the harsh landscape! Agree with Robyn, go with a blur effect so our attention isn’t on the tight crop and out of focus building, but it becomes a more ghostly appearance out of the wilderness??

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  3. Hi Michelle, I like that you experimented with the tight crop – and adding the clouds works.
    I wonder – what would it look like if you went with the blur and created something that doesnt require clarity? Not even necessarily the same crop. Just a thought 😃
    I find it amazing seeing this building out in the middle of nowhere.
    Looking forward to your next 2 editions!

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  4. Interesting cloud effect, Michelle and a good addition I think. On this tight crop the sky needs to blend in with the mountains and the clouds do that. At this level of zoom the image has become a bit blurry but the contrast between the mountain and the building is interesting. Building looks like it’s tilted a bit to the left -?

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    1. Yeah, i was not thrilled with the quality, but I guess it should be expected since I zoomed in so far. It may look tilted because of the brush…or maybe because I have a natural talent of leaning, lol.

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