Flashback. Las Vegas Sun, Sand, and Sexy Jeeps.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…or so I have heard. Heck with that! I want to share my fun play time.

For my blast from the past post this week, I wanted to share some of my 2012 trip to Las Vegas. I had never been there before so nearly everything was exciting to me. One of the best events though, was a jeep tour. It was like play time, just bigger toys in a bigger sand box.

Talk about fun! We got to drive a sexy, brand-new-looking red jeep through some dunes. We whipped around the sand laughing and blaring music. Then we crawled up some pretty steep inclines. This is where the music and speed went down though. We needed to concentrate as the group was going slower and at some moments, we couldn’t see the road or jeep in front of us, just the bright sunny sky. Thank God my friend and I had both driven military humvees or we may have been a little more nervous. At times we joked, “Um, I think we are driving straight up to Heaven! Who would have thought the path was in Vegas!”

I don’t think I captured any pictures of that extreme angle unfortunately. I was either too busy driving or too busy helping my friend not crash by being her extra set of eyes.

But, I did manage to capture a few iPhone shots that you may enjoy. It was a breathtaking view and tons of fun. And yes, I had to hang out of the jeep at times to get these photos. (There is one in there I did not take though. It was taken of us, and text to me later. It is captioned as not a photo I took.)

If you ever get a chance to go to Vegas, this is a definite trip to put on the agenda! You never get to old to play like kid, the toys just get bigger that’s all.


For the Toys theme of Thursday’s Challenge.

You still have time to post your toys.


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