Embers of War, Hope

ember freedom

Embers of war burn.

Freedom’s map is secure change,

a path to hope, peace.


Photos were taken by me (except the one of the two little girls and the woman voting, which was taken by Master Sgt. Andy Starr).  All photos are from my 2005-2006 deployment to Iraq, the time frame of some the first Iraqi elections. Check out my other blog to read more about the mission where most of these photos came from.



11 thoughts on “Embers of War, Hope

  1. Wow, Michelle — this is so powerful — so well done. It seems those embers keep flying, starting new destruction over and over — I’m really hoping we can find this secure change so the kids will have a future.

    Thank you for sharing this —
    all the best to you —

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    1. Thanks Jen. I too hope that the kids we saw were guven hope. And wuth that hope, they can find different ways for peace that compliment their culture and religion. We certainly are not always the perfect examples for how to run things, but I hope we at least offered them valuable ideas for a future without terrorists.


    1. It really was. Unfortunately, I didn’t get out as much in Iraq as I did in Bosnia and Afghanistan. And when I look at the photos taken back then, I cringe as do all that, why didn’t I….I could have… But, I hindsight is always 20-20. I am just thankful I thought enough to keep them. Though I am drowning in discs right now as I unearth them and go through them all. But, it’s been cathartic and refreshing to start this process, as well as start with new photo projects.


        1. If I could do the deployments again with more photo knowledge… I am happy to hear your friend is healing! Thank God! He’s lucky indeed. I have been blessed to have avoided harm so far. And looking back at some events…I am blessed. Not that I was kicking in doors by all means, but out and about on roads and paths where the day could have very easily turn bad. It makes you wonder, why have I been lucky when others weren’t? I guess that is the thing, we all have different journeys. That does motivate me to make sure I use my time wisely though. It is the least I can do for those who have not been as fortunate.


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