Laughter. Important at Weddings and War.

Laughter is nearly as essential to me as air. That must be a fact for many others as well since I have seen the best laughter at the happiest and most stressful of times. Through hundreds of weddings and a handful of deployments, laughter has been a common theme.

At first, no one would think weddings and war have much to do with one another. Yet, they do. They are both about an end of one phase and a beginning of another. Emotions are high at both events and it seems that human nature brings forth laughter in both situations.

For me, laughter cleanses and recharges my soul. There is something pure about honest joy that makes you giggle, smile or spit water across the room. In the greatest times of stress or sadness, I have found myself laughing, finding the humor in something small or silly. Some may think it is inappropriate. I say…it is part of coping, part of life. I can deal with the tears rolling down my face as long as they can be followed by silly laughter that makes my face sore. At least then, I will know I have the courage to carry on and find the hope in the tomorrows.

For Where’s My Back Pack’s Laughter Challenge.

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