Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge. (January)

I decided to join Cardinal Guzman’s monthly challenge on Changing Seasons. The goal, as Cardinal states, is to “find a location near your home, take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog. Continue to do this every month… Try to shoot every month, so that in the end of the year, you’ll have a nice and diverse set of photos in your portfolio. The idea is to capture all the changes: the seasons, the weather, different times of the day, some night photography perhaps?”

Today, I had the day off and took a few hours to wander around downtown Columbus, Georgia and then, do some editing. Here is what I came up with for January. I hope you enjoy it.

To check out the challenge and other bloggers’ submissions, go to Cardinal Guzman’s January Challenge post.


13 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge. (January)

  1. I’m a little late getting into this and I apologize. Too man obligations, too little time. But next month, I promise to be on target 🙂 My post will come out tomorrow just after midnight, EST. These are my woods, a rare January in which we are not buried in snow.

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