Shivering. Patterns of New Life.

shivering pattern

Shivering cold shows

A pattern of raw beauty.

Decay brings new life.




10 thoughts on “Shivering. Patterns of New Life.

  1. Oh, this is gorgeous – both the photos and the inspiring haiku 🙂

    You really do these so well – I love it! Plus, it is good to keep that final line in mind through these winter months – new life ahead!

    Thanks for joining in – wonderfully done 🙂

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        1. It is! I’m actually writing up a little fiction piece now to go with more pictures from that walk in the woods! So that one walk might be good for like 5 posts at this rate!

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            1. I think I’ll post it tomorrow (on my other blog with a few pics) for my fiction Friday’s. Then, I will link to a picture post later next week (on this blog) for a batch of pictures. This is why I need two blogs, lol. I have too much in my head and files for one. I just need more time.

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