AB Forum. Abstract Editing Fun.

For this week’s After Before Friday Forum, I am going to do an abstract photo. Recently, I have done a number of abstracts and it has been quite fun. It actually started with some less-than-exciting night photos that I played with. I enjoyed how they turned out, so I made a post of them.

Then, I did an abstract winter post that Stacy enjoyed enough to ask how I created it. So, Stacey, here is an abstract photo edit. Of course, all abstracts are different, but this will give you an idea.

The original photo below, which is some downtown street art, is from a shoot I did for my January submission to Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. I took so many photos that day that I didn’t use this particular photo for that post, but now, it has found a home!

ABSTRACT original

To get the abstract photo below, I did the following steps in Photoshop CS5:

  • Applied the Shear option, which is under filters and then distort.
  • Once in that option, I just pushed the points around until I got a twisted wave of designs I liked.
  • Opened filter gallery and applied the ocean ripple effect.
  • Added a radial blur that was around 35 percent and centered around the top left third of the photo.
  • Boosted the brightness and contrast more than 60 percent.

And bam, I took a normal photo and made a fun abstract. Well, fun if you like abstracts that is.

Michelle Lunato Photography abstract after

To check out other AB Friday Forum contributors, go to Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing. She lists all the links to their posts in the challenge. Then, join the fun for next week!


13 thoughts on “AB Forum. Abstract Editing Fun.

  1. Michelle, it doesn’t sound too difficult but since I don’t use photoshop, it still sounds like magic to me. I love the outcome and might even try to duplicate or come up with something like this in the near future.! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure other editing programs must have similar “distort” options. I just kept trying things until I liked them. Then I would add more or stop. Have fun trying. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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