POWs. Withering Hope Vs. Growing Faith.

wither moon

Sun sets. Moon rises.

Confined men wither into

Cold graves and history.


For more photographs from the Andersonville POW Museum, check out this other post (but this link wilt be active until February 11th).

For the weekly photoku challenge.



4 thoughts on “POWs. Withering Hope Vs. Growing Faith.

  1. Those headstones are even more sad than the ones here in Richmond Virginia, where you see just rows and rows of those small headstones for the Civil War dead. They’re not quite as tightly packed together as that though.


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      1. It is sad. We’ve gone through several Civil War museums / exhibits here in Virginia and our overall emotion has been just a vast sadness at the loss of life and property. It was on a par with the Holocaust Museum (also here in Richmond – much smaller than D.C. but very well done).

        When the Confederates retreated out of Richmond, they burned everything to the ground that they could. They burned out their wives and children, then left them to starve. This was April, which still has really cold nights. When the Union came in, the first thing they had to do was provide for the women and children. I was appalled that they burnt out their loved ones and then left.

        When we view the War for Independence, which also had a loss of life and property, we come away amazed at how resourceful people were and how they dug in to fight for what they wanted. Totally different emotion to it.


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