AB Friday Forum. One Photo Focus ~ February.

It is time for the After Before Friday’s monthly One Photo Focus! The goal is for various photographers to share their editing results of one “before” image submitted by Manal Ali of A Single Shutter. manalphotoem

For my edit, I decided to make the scene more “cold” and “misty.” I also wanted to delete the light pole. To accomplish those things, I took the following steps in Photoshop CS5:

  • Deleted out the light pole with the clone stamp tool. (This took awhile.)
  • Desaturated the photograph by 50 percent.
  • Pushed up the contrast around 60 percent.
  • Created a duplicate copy of the new light-pole free version.
  • Applied the render clouds filter to one layer and then turned the opacity down to 30 percent roughly.
  • Erased out the “clouds” that were over the road and most of the buildings. manalphotoedit-michelle lunato

I think that was about it. Did I succeed in my goal of “cold” and “misty?”

With different photographers editing the same picture, we can all literally see the different ways you can edit one picture. It is truly amazing to see how many editing options there really are! And I bet there are even more we didn’t try. If you haven’t see the other photographers renditions of Manal Ali’s photo, click on the badge below to go to Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing, which is the host of the After Before Friday Forum.


18 thoughts on “AB Friday Forum. One Photo Focus ~ February.

  1. That clone really improved the picture. I’d never have the patience for it and as a result, I cropped it out. I liked how you got those clouds to pop out and look so fluffy (not quite the right word, but it’s not a flat sky anymore). I definitely think you achieved a cold misty look.


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  2. Absolutely cold and misty. A perfect representation of what I perceive to be London weather in the winter. Makes me glad I’m sitting by my fireplace 🙂 Thanks so much for participating, Michelle (and for your flexibility 😉)!

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