Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (February).

February is here and half way done already. That means it is time for the monthly photo challenge, which is hosted by . The goal of his challenge is to “get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun.”

So far, you are succeeding on all those goals with me! The day I was able to shoot in downtown Columbus, Georgia again was an amazingly warm day. It was in the low 60s and sunny. Perfect. Though I would love to shoot some snow pictures, I guess living in Georgia limits that greatly. So I can’t complain about about a wonderful spring-like day.

The shots are from the same 5-mile area along the Chattahoochee River. There are shops and a riverwalk. Last month, I got more of the shop area. This month I wound up along the riverwalk a bit more. And, after stopping for some dinner, I decided to take a few night shots as well. I hope you enjoy the exceptionally warm February shots.

To find other blogger’s post on the challenge, search the tags ‘monthlyphotochallenge’ or ‘thechangingseasons’ in the reader. AND, make sure you check out the host’s February post by clicking on the badge below.


5 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (February).

    1. It really is! I do miss snow, but think after a week, would be like, ok, that’s enough, lol. Thank you! I actually brought my tripod with the goal of shooting a few night shots:)

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