Seafoam. One Word Photo Challenge.

Last weekend, I was able to take some time to wander around downtown Columbus, Georgia taking pictures. I wound up finding two fountains that I had never seen on prior visits.

While photographing the one, I was drawn to the bubbles. They were just floating around everywhere. They reminded me of seafoam. I cannot say whether or not this was a saltwater fountain (as there are many salt water pools in Georgia so maybe there are saltwater fountains?) or if it was just some kids who threw in some dish soap as a joke. Either way, I thought it was pretty and took some photos.

After that fountain, I came upon another one that sat in an empty pool with a seafoam color. I watched how the color reflected onto the bottom of the fountain or made a great contrast against it. I think that is one of the things I like about photography, there can be such a great difference in how things look with just a little change in angles and light.


For Jennifer Nichole Wells’


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