Church. Grand History, Building and Promises.

There are several grand churches in downtown Columbus, Georgia. This one, which is the First Presbyterian, takes up an entire block. (This first image is my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness #50. )

MM50 Michelle Lunato Photography

From the looks of it, the older chapel (which is on the right or back of the larger part of the building) was built in 1952, according to the sign.

So, I assume the bigger and grander part was built some time later. I was able to walk all around the church grounds outside. I even took a moment to sit within the court yard and just be still. It was quite peaceful.

I was taken with all the details of the church. It really was quite exquisite, though I am drawn to detailed and ornate architecture. (To me, this church almost looked like a castle.) So maybe I am biased. But how you can look at all these details and not be in awe?

I look at this magnificent building and think their message, their closeness and their connection to God is somehow more magical? I know that is not how it works, but God certainly gave a gift to the architects of the church:)


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