Saturation. A Photo a Week Challenge.

Saturation can vary greatly in pictures. And sometimes, a little change of it, can alter the mood of the photo.

Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge was to take one photo and show it with different levels of saturation. In the photo below, which I took at my studio days at Flip Flop Foto, I made a few adjustments working from full saturation to zero saturation and finally, a hue of sepia.

Which is your favorite? Or how do you feel the different saturations change the photo?



4 thoughts on “Saturation. A Photo a Week Challenge.

  1. I like all of the treatments, but I think my favorite is the sepia. It also looks like you might have lightened it a little, which helps to draw more attention to the model’s face. Nicely done. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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  2. Hi, Michelle, all four are very good, but I think I like the de-saturated (B&W) the most. Maybe it’s because there are no special effects and there is nothing to distract the viewer. Of course, this approach can only be effective with an excellent image;-)

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