Mission. Donations in an Afghan Village.

In November 2010, I went on a humanitarian aid mission with a Special Forces Group. It was a simple and basic mission, but it did make me a bit nervous. Mainly due to my inexperience, but still raised the concern level nonetheless. (For more details on the actual mission experience, click here.)

My purpose on this mission was to document the event. So for my flashback Thursday post this week, I thought I would share some of my favorite posts from that day.

Even though there were a few moments of concern, the overall mission was rewarding. And as a Soldier, I thrive on interaction and times where I am documenting events.



5 thoughts on “Mission. Donations in an Afghan Village.

    1. I have so many images from my deployments. And most have opened my eyes to the world, which is much bigger than I would have ever known had I stayed in the US. So yes, combined, these events have changed many facets of my life for sure!

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