Unaware. Event Photography is Like Being Spy…or Nosey.

The military taught me to photograph missions. Capture what is happening without being in the way, and do it quickly. Snap and move was the documenting mantra.

This skill has crossed into event photography very easily. Whether it is a community event, a wedding, or part of my daily life, I almost feel like a spy…or just someone really nosey. I walk around photographing people’s expressions, moods, moments. I find that when I have my camera I can approach anyone. Yet, when I am just me, it is much more intimidating. I can be very shy. So, my camera is like a super hero’s cape of courage.

Generally though, when I have my camera, I am not approaching them to talk though (so perhaps that is somewhat different). I am just wandering around in the background, looking for priceless moments to unfold. I am waiting for something that catches my eye and it usually doesn’t take long. Because if you watch closely, you will see so much to capture: a look of determination, the joy of pure laughter, a moment of reflection or the expression of true love.

Life is constantly unfolding before us. It is just a matter of being able to capture it…


For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on Catching People Unaware. Check out Cee’s post by clicking on the badge below.

CC photo badge

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