Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (March).

It is time for the Monthly Photo Challenge, which is hosted by . The goal of his challenge is to “get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun.”

For March, I was a bit off schedule due to a vacation that led right into working seven straight days. When I finally got a day off, I decided to travel back to my location (downtown Columbus, Georgia) for some sunrise photos.

It was a chilly but beautiful morning and I got a little practice with my tripod and some slower exposures. I think I could have done a lot more and some longer exposures, but I had a long list of errands to accomplish that day. So, I snapped a few shots and set off on my chores.

I also realized that the river was not exactly a good place to see the actual sunrise, rather just some rays from it. LOL-I guess that would have been good to consider. Ooops.

Make sure you go to Cardinal’s March post. He is an inspiring photographer to say the least, and he lists links to those contributing in the challenge. Just click on the badge:)


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