AB Friday. One Photo Focus (April).




This week’s After Before Friday Forum is about the group editing one photographer’s picture. This month, we got to edit a photograph from Cee’s Photography. Cee was one of the first few blogs I found when I started last fall. I instantly fell in love with her fun challenges and interesting photos. So, if you are not part of the AB Friday group or don’t know Cee’s blog, you should definitely check it out.


Now, for the challenge.


For Cee’s photo, I wanted to create an abstract of sorts. So here is what I did in Photoshop CS5:

  • While in raw, I changed the lighting to “daylight” hue.
  • Applied the colored pencil filter (pencil width 11, stroke pressure 13, and paper brightness 4).
  • Added the plastic wrap filter on top of that (Al St. 3, details 1, smoothness 3).
  • Cropped the photo some.
  • Adjusted the saturation some (hue -22, saturation +26).
  • Then I played around in selective color to get the tree more multicolored, which then turned into going to replace the color option. Frankly, I don’t know which adjusts I kept while going back and forth.

That is about it though. What do you think?
March one photo focusedit

Make sure you go to the AB Friday host page, Visual Venturing. Stacy lists her great edit and then links to all of us who play in the challenge. Other than that, Stacy has some amazing photographs on her blog, so it is definitely worth a visit…or 20. 🙂abfriday-one-photo-focus


12 thoughts on “AB Friday. One Photo Focus (April).

  1. Okay, I think you “win” for most abstract (though Robin’s certainly comes in a close second) 😀 I always love to see what you’re going to come up with, Michelle – and you never disappoint! And thanks so much for the nice comments about my photos 😊

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  2. Hi, Michelle: Wow, you really had the Photoshop accelerator to the floor on this one. I think it’s great. A totally different look with a very interesting combination of tools. By the way, you’ve dropped to second place in the Quiz challenge, but there are plenty of points still available.

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