Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (April).

It is time for the Monthly Photo Challenge, which is hosted by . The goal of his challenge is to “get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun.”

For April, I needed to multitask. I was headed downtown to listen to some music and knew I would not get another chance to go back and take pictures for a few weeks, so I just took some shots while having fun.

This was odd for me as I don’t normally carry my large Nikon around to social events. One, it is just too heavy to want to lug around. Two, I hate to have it at a social event and have to keep up with it. Nonetheless, I broke out of the norm and took some photographs while enjoying some tunes and beers.

I have to admit, I could have done better with the band photos. I was propping my camera up on my water glass as a tripod and bumped my ISO up pretty high. I really just wanted to enjoy the music and did’t want to take five minutes to set up the shot. So, I set up my “tripod,” made some adjustments and took the shot. Then, I promptly stashed my huge camera away.

Looking at them now, I think I could have taken a few more and tried a couple of other settings. Lesson learned, but for now, they are a good starting point.

Anyway,here is what I got…

To see last month’s pictures of the Columbus, Georgia Uptown river area, just click here.

Also make sure you check out the host blog, Cardinal Guzman. He is utterly amazing and always have breathtaking photographs on his blog. It truly is a must see, if you haven’t already. Just click on the badge below for his April submission for the challenge.


3 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (April).

  1. That river is just awesome. Great shots and it’s nice to see some concert photography too. If you want to experiment with settings for concert photography, I can tell you that I normally set my camera to single point focus when I shoot at concerts (which is not often).
    I did a search for you on duckduckgo:

    I agree with you that DSLR cameras are often too heavy to carry around. For a while I was dreaming about byuing a fullframe camera, but lately I’ve been thinking about downsizing instead and getting a smaller camera.


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