Afghanistan. Portrait of a Woman.

While deployed to Afghanistan in 2010-2011, I had the privilege of photographing various events. Whenever I was able to get a camera in my hands, it was like being allowed to breath freely. To me, the camera is my sword of courage and shield of protection in one. It allows me to approach people I would otherwise be too shy to. It gives me the permission to be more invasive than I normal would. And, when done right, it gives me a glimpse at the personality of people.

Michelle Lunato Photography MM2-6

I came across this particular Afghan woman at an event where we were handing out toys and clothes to women and children leaving the hospital. She was a spirited woman for sure. She was laughing and joking around with us-just such a character. And then at one moment, I caught this shot, a serious look, more profound.

I don’t know her story, but I saw a strong, vibrant woman-a woman who was living her life and doing it with grace, humor and strength. At that moment, I was proud to have had the chance to meet her. I hope she is still doing well today…

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 2-6.

8 thoughts on “Afghanistan. Portrait of a Woman.

        1. Thanks Stacy:) I have so many discs of photos. The hardest part is digging through them all and the time to post them. But each day at a time:)


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