AB Friday. Creating an Abstract From a Poor Phone Photo.

For this week’s After Before Friday Forum, I wanted to do an abstract. I was looking through some iPhone photos that I took with my macro app. I was excited about the photo…until I looked at it on the screen. The focus was not there. I was about to throw it out, but then I said, let me see what craziness I can make of it.


Michelle Lunato Photography abstract flower before

So after playing around with it some, this is what I came up with. What do you think?

Michelle Lunato Photography After -abstract flower

For those of you who like to hear about the steps, here is what I did in Photoshop CS5:

  • Created a copy of the original no-focus photo.
  • Added a radial blur filter on it: 48 zoom.
  • Added the glowing edge filter to it: width 8, brightness 17, and smoothness 4.

This was too neon for me and similar to some abstracts in the past, so I wanted to play more.

  • Took my original copy of the photo in the background, and added the first to steps in the bullets above.
  • Added the half-tone ? filter (pattern?palette? I am not sure what the last word of the filter title is as I can’t read my scribbled notes and now I am not at my laptop with Photoshop on it, lol.) that had: size 3, contrast 17 and pattern of dots.
  • Dropped the opacity of this layer to 60% and then placed it in front of the glowing edges layer. (Note: this was my original layer, which can’t be moved. So, I had to copy this half-tone ? layer and place THAT in front of the glowing edges layer.)

So now I have two layers blending into one. I still wanted a little more punch though. I took the bottom layer (the glowing edge filter) and decrease the saturation by 60 and the hue by 16. Then I raise the contrast by 66 and the brightness by 6. With all of that I was happy, or just tired of playing. Either way, the end result is above.

What would you have done differently? Feel free to make suggestions and comments. My feelings are not hurt by opinions. Rather I like here all the different perspectives on things. I find that it is the best way to learn and see how others like, or don’t like, things I try.

If you are new to the forum, make sure you check out the AB Friday host’s blog, Visual Venturing. Stacy has a great blog with a variety of amazing pictures. And for the forum, she lists all the contributors photos and links to their sites. You can find the post for this week’s challenge by clicking here.






21 thoughts on “AB Friday. Creating an Abstract From a Poor Phone Photo.

    1. Thank you! I have thrown out a ton of the years. Some I think…if only. I guess with hard drives, we can afford to keep them all. The hard part is just organizing them.

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  1. Interesting change! I too like to experiment and rarely delete any images. Like LensandpensbySally said – we view things differently and get new skills as we go so I keep …. pretty much everything 😉

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  2. I LOVE THE DOTS!!! And thanks for reminding me to be less critical of what images to keep. As you’re teaching all of us, you never know what gems you will come up with simply by playing around 😀 Great, fun, psychedelic image, Michelle!

    On a totally unrelated topic, I had an ah-hah moment just now (which should have come much sooner than this) and it concerns your use of my AB photo. Seems to me that I should do that on my own blog and use it to promote the forum, just as I’ve seen so many other challenge organizers do for theirs! So thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. This was my first use of dots. Frankly never tried that filter before. Lol- glad I could help with an ah-hah moment. Just call me Oprah! Now… If I only had her paycheck…


    1. Why thanks! I am very fond of creating abstracts lately. It is fun to play and follow no rules and distort things until I feel like, yeah, that will work. I can’t say I ever made them before until I started blogging.


  3. “They” tell you not to toss photos that are not up to your own standard. But I do it all the time. I agree that it is worth revisiting, if you do save all that you take. You never know, especially because we can see things differently weeks and months later.

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