AB Friday. Editing with the Camera Plus Phone App.

I tend to take a lot of pictures with my phone. I prefer the quality of my SLR cameras of course, but frankly, I don’t carry those everywhere I go. When I shoot with my Cannon or Nikon (yes I have one of each to practice with luckily), it is planned. Therefore, I just don’t have my SLR cameras with me at all times. However, I do seem to have my iPhone with me most times. This allows me to capture the more spontaneous moments in life.

A few months ago though, Sally from Lens and Pens by Sally, highly recommended a phone application called Camera+. She stated it had a great “lab” for editing and even a macro feature. I was very drawn to the macro feature as I do not own a macro lens for either of my cameras.

When this week rolled around, I decided to use this application for my AB Friday Forum picture. I would like to tell you this was a very thought-out plan with a specific lesson. Unfortunately though, I am not that organized lately. Honestly, I am a host-mess of unorganized these days. So, the decision to use this application for AB Friday was purely based on the fact that by the time I realized my submission was due to Stacey, I was not around my laptop and software. So here goes, my emergency phone edit because I needed to feed my AB Friday addiction while on the go!

With this app, which can be found here, you can either take pictures in the app or import pictures from your regular phone camera into the app (to edit if you like). In this case, I had taken the BEFORE picture in the app with the macro feature.

So here are some basics on the app and how I edited the picture.

Camera Screen picture: The app opens to the camera screen. It is not too different than a standard camera phone, at least the ones I have seen. It has a flash option on the top left. The reverse directions option on the top right. The zoom is the lever in the center right. The shutter button is the same large circle in the center at the bottom. The flower icon on the bottom left will take you to the pictures you have taken. (See the ‘Looking at pictures taken’ picture.) The + next to the shutter button is where you can decide on some details on the type of photo you want to take though. (See the ‘Camera Options’ picture.)

Camera Options picture: In this area, you can decide on the type of photo/camera details that you want to take: regular/macro, type of crop, use of timer or stabilizer, or if you want to do a burst of photos. Once you select the option you want, you can just hit the X for that window to get out of the way. Otherwise, you can still see it while trying to take your photo.

Looking at pictures taken picture: At this window, you can see all the pictures you have taken in the app (or imported into the app – which can be done by hitting the + at the top right of the screen). All you do is tap the photo and two options pop up on the top of the photo: a trash can or a magnifying glass (See the ‘Exporting picture out of app’ picture). Note, if you hit the trash can your picture goes away immediately. There is no ‘are you sure’ option. So, be sure. Now, if you hit the magnifying glass, that one picture will fill the screen. (See the ‘Looking at one picture’ picture.) At this screen, you can also choose the “Save All” option that is at the top left of the screen. This will send all of the pictures in the app to the normal picture location as if taken by your regular phone camera. Note, they will NO LONGER be available in this app after that unless you import them back in. Some options pop up at the bottom of the photos too (See the ‘Exporting picture out of app’ picture.) but I will explain those below in the ‘Looking at one picture’section.

Looking at one picture: At this window, you can choose a ton of different options to edit our photo. Across the bottom of the screen you will see nearly the same options that you saw when you clicked on the small icons of the pictures earlier. (I am sure I don’t have all the icon names right, so these are just names of what I think they look like to me.) Let me explain what each of these are. Camera icon: Goes back to the Camera Screen. Paint Brush icon: Opens the ‘Editing one picture’ screen and editing options. Forward icon: Opens options to email, copy, text, print, and put on social media sites. The daisy with an arrow icon: Saves the picture to your camera roll. Trash icon: Goodbye picture.

Editing one picture: At this screen you can do traditional edits when you click on the lab option. (Saturation, cropping, tilt, clarity, tint..) There are also quick edits on the top bar that will adjust your picture with one touch. (Food, portrait, flash, night…) Then there are filter and frame options. Basically, when you click on a bottom row icon, it changes the top row icons for you to choose from within that set. If you look at next two pictures (Adding a filter and Adding a frame), you can see it opens up thumbnails of what some of the options would look like. To choose one, simple click on the thumbnail. The photo will go full screen and you can tweak some things and then hit save. It will save it to the app, not the camera roll.

Exporting photo out of app: Once you have played around with the photo, you can then export it to your camera roll by hitting ‘Save All’ or by saving each one by hitting the daisy icon.

For the BEFORE and AFTER picture that I used above, I simply applied ‘So Emo’ filter and a ‘thin black line’ frame.

I know that was A LOT of info there. But once I got started,  I realized this simple camera app required some screen shots with explanations. Phew! So much for a quick post, lol.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask as I may not have explained it well. Or of course, check out the Camera+ app page. Though, I didn’t find a lot of details on how to use the app before I bought it for $2.99. So all of the above info is from my trial and error. So, if you have any tips to add, please share!

That wraps up my Camera+ App AB Friday post. Make sure you check out Stacy’s post. She is the host of the AB Friday Forum and has her own great tips to share. And as a bonus, she list links to all the other bloggers’ submissions. Just click on the badge…



4 thoughts on “AB Friday. Editing with the Camera Plus Phone App.

  1. Wow! Lots of wonderful info about the app, Michelle 🙂 I was excited about the idea of starting to use my phone more to take photos, getting interested in Instagram and downloading Snapseed and even thinking about giving Sally’s challenge a try. But I haven’t been on Instagram in a few weeks and, well, I haven’t done anything about Sally’s challenges. Sigh ….

    Fun edit with your flower! 🌸 So glad you were able to find a way to “play” last week 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Stacy. Glad you found it interesting. You challenge and Sally’s and Robyn’s challenges have been my regulars. It’s certainly a great variety! And I was surprised to see what I could do with my phone. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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