Week One. One Four Challenge (May).

It is time for the One Four Challenge again! I have to say that I missed doing it in April, but I was so busy that it really worked out for the best. Unfortunately, I am still a bit crazy busy and a tad stressed. Luckily though, at one point in April, I was playing around with a photo and created several edits on it. So, those are the edits I will use for May’s One Four Challenge. If I didn’t, I may not be able to contribute since I am going from one trip to another and then go right back into rotating from my two jobs. April was hard, but it seems May will be even more challenging. (There is some fun squeezed in though for my sanity.)

The only down side of this is that I really didn’t take notes on what I did to get my final results. With that in mind, May will simply be view of the before and after results of my edits with maybe a few speculative ideas on what I think I may have done.

The original photo was a simply iPhone photo that I took at Disney World’s Epcot Center in March of this year. The flower captured my attention and I took a quick shot as me and my friends walked around.

original small

This is my Week One edit for May. I know I used a filter in Photoshop CS5, but frankly, I can’t recall which one. Either way, I liked the results on the flower. At the time, I must have not noticed or cared about the blue blobs on the right side of the photo. Looking at it weeks later though, I think they are a bit distracting.

Week One ~ May

Therefore, I took my edit and edited it a bit more. To reduce the distraction from the blue blobs, I used the clone stamp tool. It is a fairly simple tool. All you need to do is select the area on the picture you want to clone, click and then go to where you want that clones piece to go and click and drag again. The key to this is to do it sparingly and with the opacity down. Otherwise, you create an obvious pattern that looks fake and even more distracting. Here is my result after cloning some greens and blacks over the blues.

weeek one edit

What do you think? Did you notice the blue blobs in the first place? Have any ideas on what filter I could have used? Like or not like this edit?

Feel free to give comments and suggestions. I am not easily offended and like hearing the viewpoints of others. I find it is the best way to learn, so comment away.

If you are not familiar with the One Four Challenge, make sure you go to the reader and search One Four Challenge to find others submissions. It truly is a great challenge. Make sure you check out the host of the challenge too. Robyn has an incredible site holding utterly stunning photos. Just click on the badge below for Robyn’s Week One edit for May.



21 thoughts on “Week One. One Four Challenge (May).

  1. The original image was beautiful to begin with, Michelle ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t notice/mind the blue in the background. The filter did enhance it and then it did become distracting, so it was a good choice to use the clone tool!

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    1. Thanks Ben. This is where I need to learn more. Instead of just randomly trying things, I need to remember how I got things. But, with all that’s happened in the past few weeks, I’m just happy to find time to blog right now.

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  2. Hi Michelle – I like the painterly effect you got on the petals. Did you used glowing edges? The flower has that slightly solarised look. You did well with the dark background, no trace of blue blobs!

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    1. You know, I may have done a glowing edges. I do like that filter. If I did, I’m sure I added something else on top of it to get the blended colors on the petals.

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  3. Good job with the blue blobs Michelle. I wish I could identify the filters and effects, but maybe on a (more) free day, you might be able to reproduce them with another beautiful flower shot.

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  4. Hi Michelle – firstly love the gorgeous flower. Looks like a Dahlia perhaps? Gorgeous!
    Do hope you survive another busy month. Take care xx My May is shaping up to be another busy one also.
    The flower grabbed my attention first ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (not the blobs, but cloning them out works). No idea on the filter, but look forward to the rest.
    So pleased you had the chance to play and that youre joining us, with your busy month!

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    1. I think you might be right on the flower being a Dahlia. I’m horrible at remembering flower names but now that you said it, it sounds right. Glad the cloning worked on toning down the blobs. Thanks! I do find blogging to be quite therapeutic in my busy/hectic times.

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  5. Yes, noticed the blue blobs…I like how you have made them more subtle and there are some really interesting highlights and colors in the petals of the flower. It is a nice edit. I can see why the flower caught your eye, it is like eye candy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you. I did like the highlights on the flower. Sometimes I just try things until I like what I see. Unfortunately, I’m not always taking notes on how I got there though.

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