Week Two. One Four Challenge (May).

It is time for week two of the One Four Challenge. I am a few days behind, which seems to be my norm lately. I spent all of last week in Jamaica on vacation (and photographing a wedding)! I had started this post before I left. OK, I had loaded the pictures at least. The goal was to update the draft with words while I was gone. Clearly, that didn’t happen, lol. But hey, I did have some fun.

Anyway, on to the challenge. This week, I decided to edit the original pink flower into a sepia hue.

May ~ Original Flower

This edit is very simple as it only requires adding the sepia filter to the photo. One click and done.

Week Two ~ May

And now that I write this out, I think….I could have written that while drinking my Mai Tai on the beach. Therefore, I really have no excuse for my late post other than I was out enjoying the world and friends:)ย  Hopefully, you will forgive me.

Do you like the flower with a sepia hue? Would you have done anything different to this edit, or more?

If you are not familiar with the challenge, make sure you go to the host blog, Captivate Me. Robyn has amazing photos there that always seem to make me stop and wonder….how does she do that? You can also find other contributors to the challenge by searching ‘One Four Challenge’ in the reader. There are a ton of photographers playing along in this fun weekly event. You may as well join the fun.


15 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge (May).

    1. Thank you. I am torn between which I like more. I do think the sepia has more of an elegance to it though. Yes, I am hopeful that all will turn out good in the end and a tragedy was avoided by nothing short of a miracle. All I can say is hug your loved ones. Some need to know how much they are loved and needed to be pulled out of their sadness. I am totally posting tons of wedding pics. I just have about 1500 wedding, party, scenic shots to weed through, lol. But some of those are of us just being silly. Those might go on my writing blog with stories as those are just fun and really “photographically” impressive, lol.

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  1. Yay for you and Jamaica! So glad you had a great time and put your blog on hold while there ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the pink v sepia? I think I like the sepia better. Don’t know why; I just do. How’s that for a reason ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Stacy! I had a blast, which was needed as the week before we had a family emergency (all will be OK in time though). So now it is back to the juggling act of working, relaxing and blogging.

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