Jamaica. Love by the Sea.

Last week, I had the honor of photographing a friend’s wedding in Jamaica. For nearly a week, a group of us gathered around a Sandals resort and had fun while prepping for their big day (which is an entire other series of photos).

I love wedding photography, particularly the candid and detail shots. Portraits and romantic couple shots are still fun, but they are more challenging as you have to be quick and connect with people. I will admit, I was stressed with this some. I have photographed probably over a hundred weddings or close to it, but it is different when it is for a friend. There is extra pressure. You REALLY want them to be happy. The week went well though and I have a ton of photos to edit still.

However, I wanted to share a sneak peak of what I got so far and show you part of the reason I have been absent from my blog for a bit. In addition, the week before the vacation/wedding week, I had a family emergency as well. So, I apologize for falling off my blogging schedule. I hope you continue to stick with me. I do love sharing all these photos! And now, I have a huge back log to share. 🙂

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