Reflections. Oh Can I Linger a Bit?

There is something magical about vacations, especially ones that involve a beach and exotic drinks. Add some friends to that mix and you have near perfection.

Here is a small dose of the recent perfection I experienced recently. I traveled to my first Sandals Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I have to say I fell in love and already put a down payment on another Sandals trip next year. I mean, why not? A good photographer should really have a variety in her portfolio. And who would not to visit another exotic location with a company that provided such a wonderful time? Count me in. I am there.

This shot is of the private island where the nude beach and the Thai restaurant were. (No, naked eating allowed though. I think that would violate some health code, lol.) It was a nice little variety to the main resort and only took a 2-minute boat ride to get to.


I did not pack my tripod on this trip with me. (I know! Bad photographer!) Therefore, for this, I had to brace my camera on a fence and take a few attempts before I could get a decent shot. (Yes, in those attempts I was thinking, why didn’t I pack my tripod?)

Anyway, when I look at this reflection shot, it makes me remember the carefree feeling of vacation. Forgetting all the stress of life, work. Putting aside the endless to-do lists. Taking a moment to breathe in the world around me. Remembering what makes me happy. These are the moments I want to linger in. These are the moments I will tell stories about, recall in my old age. I won’t remember most of my work or my tasks, but I will never forget my travels and times with friends.

Those are the moments my mind will linger on. What will yours be?


For the Daily Post ~ Linger.


Photo Friday’s ~ Reflections.


6 thoughts on “Reflections. Oh Can I Linger a Bit?

  1. I got a tip from someone that you can use a bean bag. Also when you don’t have your tripod and use a fence (or a bean bag), it’s best to use the timer (or a remote). With a timer/remote, you eliminate camera shake when you’re pressing the button.

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    1. Great idea Cardinal! I totally forgot about the timer idea and never thought about a bean bag. I see a new camera bag item coming…


      1. The timer is a great tip. I (almost) always use it when I’m shooting long exposures. I’m thinking about buying a bean bag too, but it’s an easy D.I.Y. item if you have skills with a needle and thread.

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