Liquid. Makes a Peaceful, Beautiful Setting.

In honor of Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge ~ Liquid, here is a picture of a fountain I took a few days ago.

I myself am drawn to water, like many people are I imagine. One night last week, I walked around downtown Columbus, Georgia  with my tripod looking for shots to take. I decided on this fountain. At first, I was irritated that this couple decided to sit down while I was trying to get a shot of the fountain. But then I thought, it IS a good place to sit and talk. The sound of the water is relaxing. And the whole setting is a great place to relax. So, I eventually realized, this couple just gave me an added element to my “liquid” picture. They gave me street photography. They gave me candid photography of a couple. They gave me an intimate look of the fluid nature of relationship.

liquid May BWIf you want to see the fountain in full color, just click here. I posted my Seasonal Monthly Photo Challenge a few days ago, and a full-color version of this it in that post.

For those of you not familiar with Cee’s Black and White Challenge, make sure you check it out. Cee has a number of pictures that she posts for her several challenges. The black and white challenge has a new theme each week and comes out on Thursdays. What is your interpretation of liquid? For Cee’s liquid post, just click on the badge below. (It is time for the next challenge now, but you can still make a post on this I am sure. Be a rebel.)

Cees B&W


2 thoughts on “Liquid. Makes a Peaceful, Beautiful Setting.

    1. Thanks Cee! I have missed doing your challenges. Now that things are starting to calm down, I hope I can do some more again.


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