MM 2-12. My Little Piece of Heaven.

Everyone finds joy in different things. I suppose that is what makes the world go around. For me, one of my biggest joys is spending time with my horse. It’s dirty and smelly at the barn, but I don’t seem to mind. Daisy is my first horse and I adore her. As a little girl, I had horse toys. I would dream of having a horse that came running when I called its name. I could see me riding across a beautiful prairie. Well, now that I am older, I kind of have that. Daisy is an older horse, so she doesn’t run exactly, but she does come when I call her. And, I am not sure if the field and forest we trail ride through technically qualify as a prairie, but it is good enough for me. 🙂

To show you a bit of what my little piece of heaven looks like, I thought I would share a few photos here. The first shot is for Monochrome Madness 2-12, which is a weekly black and white challenge hosted by Leanne Cole. Leanne is an amazing photographer out of Australia and one of the first few blog sites I noticed when I started on WordPress. When I remember, I try to send in some work to Leanne. It is an honor to have my work included in her posts. Thanks Leanne!

This close up of Daisy is one of my favorites.

MM 2-12 Michelle Lunato PhotographyThe rest of the pictures are not all photographically amazing per say, but just some fun shots of what my barn life looks like. I hope you enjoy them.

8 thoughts on “MM 2-12. My Little Piece of Heaven.

    1. Awe, thanks Stacy! She is my little, ok big gem, lol. A true friend indeed who is full of personality and attitude at times. And Guy, the dog, is so happy when I take him out there! I can’t say Daisy is thrilled about him jumping up and down in her face and darting here and there and everywhere while we walk, but she tolerates him. (And more importantly, doesn’t freak out while I am on her and he is dashing about!)


        1. loL-She is an older horse. So to me she seems like she is thinking, “Lord, give me patience with this dog….Stop…Get out of my face….” When we are walking and he is running behind us, she will stop, turn her ears back to listen and not walk until he passes us. And every time I get her out of the pasture, he jumps and barks up in her face in a playful manner (a few of those pictures are posted). Oh, they are quite a team. It’s like riding a snail in the middle of a tornado.

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